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Sushi and the shoe drop in Key West

Sushi and the shoe drop in Key West

Note:  Our madamab is in the wilds of…someplace where she doesn’t have internet access so I’m taking her post for today

Yes fellow Widdershins we have survived another year.  So what will 2014 bring?  To be honest, who the hell knows.  Will the Repubs and Paul Ryan succeed in making cuts to Social Security so he can starve granny even more than with the food stamp cuts?  Will we face another possible shut down in the government since Congress will need to deal with another debt ceiling increase?  Again, have no idea.  One would hope that the Repubs, tea-partiers et al learned something the last time but I wouldn’t really count on it.  However, for one day, let’s not worry about it, and be just like Scarlett.  I and Chat have football games to watch, her Dawgs and my Tigers both play bowl games today.  Here is wishing success to both of our teams.  And those aren’t the only games on today.  I have several on my schedule highlighted to watch today including (ugh!) Alabama in the Sugar Bowl.  Go Sooners is all I can say.  Oh and I also hope that if Bama wins, that their drunken-ass fans will behave better than a previous time they were in Nola.

And speaking of the New Year, how many of y’all make New Years’ Resolutions?  And, how good are you at keeping those resolutions?  You can take the handy-dandy polls below to give your answers.

Happy New Year Widdershins!


Here we go again.  It’s time to make our New Year’s Resolutions.  Yep, the same ones (for the most part) that we have made annually since the earth cooled.  We pull them out, dust them off and run them again year after weary year.  Sometimes we make it clean through Valentine’s Day without infractions, but not too often.  Let’s take a look at them  and see if they have any potential for 2011:

(1) Make better use of my time.  This encompasses a lot of ground, and can mean many things to many people.  This could cover spending more time with family and friends, which could be good, or it could mean that I shouldn’t pile up on the couch with a critter or two and read something – and that would not be good.  This will take some thought.

(2) Become better organized.  God, I hate this one.  It means that I should do a better job with things like filing.  Bleeach!  I haven’t finished 2009’s filing, for that matter.  Maybe I just shouldn’t bother with this one, although it’s clearly indicated.  I’ll think this one over as well.

(3) To become more fit.  Well, disability has done a number on this one, but I really should still try harder.  I should – I really, really should.

(4) To finally lose those last few pounds.  Well, maybe after the holiday, that last any number of pounds.  As we have previously discussed, I really like vegetables, so I should get a flying start on this after the first of the year.  Then I should really hurry because Valentine’s Day, Saint Patrick’s Day and Easter are forthcoming and those can be diet-ending events in and of themselves. 

(5) To quit smoking/drinking/whatever the bad habit.  Actually, I haven’t smoked in more than a decade, and I drink very rarely, so these are easy enough to keep.  Thank God – it was looking rather dismal there for a while.

(6) To get out of debt.  I wish!  However, my diving property values vis a vis my soaring health care costs tell me that this will not occur.  Oh, and by that I do not mean that I have any new health care costs – it’s just that they keep escalating.  Oh, and my threatened public pension and Social Security incomes are verbally assaulted daily, so the whole get out of debt thing looks pretty feeble, I think.

(7) To learn something new.  This one, I have actually kept, and TW has a great deal to do with it.  MadamaB has enhanced my computer skills and the TW commenters have stretched my knowledge base to no end.  Muchas gracias, y’all!

(8) To help others.  When one thing leaves in life, another thing replaces it.  While I cannot work any longer, I now have time that I could have only dreamed of in the past.  I work with Toys for Tots, the Saint Vincent de Paul Society and several historic groups.  I have worked with the ACLU in rights restorations, and I hope to do more in 2011.  There are no end of problems in this world, and maybe we can help just a little bit.  This one, I can actually sign onto.  Not to mention, there are whole new vistas out there.  Recovering Democrats are waking up and realizing that things are amiss.  We can all be helpful here, as we will need these folks in the near and immediate futures.

(9) Enjoy life, and don’t sweat the small stuff.   I can honestly say that I do, but not in any way that I ever envisioned.  There have been some serendipitous finds in my life, and The Widdershins has been one of the best.  I find, however that I must constantly re-define “the small stuff”.  For example, last year I decided not to get upset over something as piddly as a football game.  That lasted two games and was, shall we say, punted.  I’m probably going to get upset, and  football in the South just isn’t “small stuff”.  Even Pop Warner ball has mammoth meaning down here.  It just is.  I guess that “small stuff” is all that other annoying trivia of life, so I shall strive to not be quite as bothered by junk mail, silly commercials and Fundie friends who swear that Glenn Beck will lead us to the promised land.  You know what, that may not go any better than the whole football thingie did, now that I think of it.

(10) Identify areas to work on for the 2012 elections.  It’s time to begin to look at suitable candidates, and check them out carefully.  There’s not a lot of time, and there’s not a great deal of money and we should expend both carefully.  There’s a lot to be done at the local level, with a weather eye kept on the national stage lest 2008 repeat itself.

What’s up for 2011 for The Widdershins?  This is an open thread.

Dude, Where's My Air Car?

Dude, Where's My Air Car?

I admit it, folks: I was depressed on New Year’s Eve. I was peering into the future, and not liking what I saw at all. From war to women’s rights, from the Constitution to health care, from the economy to the environment, things in our beloved country seem to be going from bad to worse. I really didn’t know how I was going to write anything at all, and I was so happy that chat had found something to say, when I couldn’t.

And then, I remembered something I had read a long time ago: a science fiction short story that made a huge impression on me. It’s been ages since I read it, and I’m not even sure who the author is (perhaps Asimov, perhaps Bradbury), but here is the gist of it. UPDATE: Thanks to our DYB, who has tracked down the story: It’s Bradbury’s The Toynbee Convector. A more detailed summary is here.

Earth has become a terrible place to live. The cities are crowded, the air is polluted, poverty and war are everywhere. No one thinks humanity is going to survive its own self-destructive impulses much longer.

In the midst of all of this despair, an idealistic young scientist holds a press conference. He claims that he has built a time machine, and has seen fifty years into the future! Contrary to the common wisdom, humans have learned from their mistakes, and have built a clean, peaceful and equitable global society. To prove his claims, the scientist builds an elaborate model of what he’s seen, with advanced technologies no one has even dreamed of. The world is amazed, and inspired. Humanity immediately sets to work making the scientist’s beautiful world a reality.

Fifty years later, the world is exactly as the scientist described it, and he is now a dying old man. Before he breathes his last, he reveals his stunning secret: The time machine never worked. The scientist simply wanted to change the world he lived in for the better, and the only way he could see it happening was to pretend that the change had already occurred.***

***If anyone knows what this story is called and who wrote it, please let us know in comments! 

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